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Pope Francis shocks Chileans as Peru awaits him

The papal visit in Chile can only be described as interesting. From the first day, Pope Francis sought to put the priest sex scandal behind him and boost the Catholic Church’s profile, as Chileans are starting to lose faith.

Chile: Pope Francis’ visit is overshadowed by sex scandal

On Monday, Pope Francis visited Chile, where he will remain until the 21st, to find a weakened Catholic church, rocked to its very foundations by the sex abuse scandals of a priest. The Chileans are losing faith not only because they…

Why Greek Orthodox Easter is on a Different Day

Did you notice that Greek Orthodox Easter doesn’t usually fall on the same day as everyone else’s? There’s a good reason for this. The Orthodox Christian Church calculates a bit differently than other Christian denominations. This isn’t…

Religious Tourism In Greece

During your holidays in Greece you will find, both on the mainland and on the Greek islands, that religion and faith are everywhere. From Mt Athos and Meteora to Patmos and Crete, from the Aegean to the Ionian, from the Peloponnese to…