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Not even in their wildest dreams!

When during the term of the coalition government of Antonis Samaras - Evangelos Venizelos the issue of adopting and implementing the infamous OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit, which would liberate the market and render Greece competitive, was brought forward...

Europe’s Healing Starts and Ends with Greece

Greece, the place where Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis first emerged, finally looks like it could escape its bailout years. Yield-hungry bond investors are smartly going along for the ride.

…Frozen smiles

And while for the first time on a technical level the government concludes the review on time and the Prime Minister’s office is optimistically looking forward to August 2018, bringing an end to the 3rd MoU

A country in a state of emergency…

When the news impose stories - like the overwhelmed with sadness and problems municipality of Mandra in Attica - the rest of the major issues seem to move back, staying in the shadows of obscurity.

It’s all Greek to me

The English language has an expression, which perfectly summarizes just how difficult a language Greek is: it’s all Greek to me, meaning that something is not understandable.

Divide and conquer

The phrase "divide and conquer" belongs to the Italian thinker Niccolo Machiavelli, from his work “The Prince”. In political history, this phrase is used to describe a well-known tactic for achieving multiple goals, mainly to weaken one’s…

And after 2018?

That is the main question already being asked by citizens, given the fact that the landmark of the completion of the 3rd fiscal adjustment program, of another harsh memorandum of understanding, is upon us. What are we to expect after 2018?…