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Macron’s lack of respect for the winners of WWI

The events organized in Paris for the celebration of the 100 years from the end of World War One, organized by Emmanuel Macron, succeeded in offending the winners and promoting – as if the war was solely between them – France and Germany.


Everyone following the news on Greece has come the last few days across the numerous bank accounts available where you can donate money to assist the survivors of the wildfires in the East Attica region. It is indeed very touching seeing…

How tough will the post-Memorandum oversight be?

The political scene has –correctly- its eyes set on the FYROM name issue, especially after the leaked proposals of Mr. Nimetz, the rivalry between the government and the main opposition party, the different positions adopted ...

Class-less schools by means of levelling out

It is obvious that politics is not just about economy, even though we have seen in the multiannual period of the memoranda that it has lost its content and definition, as the country followed and still follows the directives of troika,…

Not even in their wildest dreams!

When during the term of the coalition government of Antonis Samaras - Evangelos Venizelos the issue of adopting and implementing the infamous OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit, which would liberate the market and render Greece…

Europe’s Healing Starts and Ends with Greece

Greece, the place where Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis first emerged, finally looks like it could escape its bailout years. Yield-hungry bond investors are smartly going along for the ride.

…Frozen smiles

And while for the first time on a technical level the government concludes the review on time and the Prime Minister’s office is optimistically looking forward to August 2018, bringing an end to the 3rd MoU