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What women do look for in a one-night stand?

Researchers have asked women to choose the ideal size of the penis, depending on the type of sexual relationship they would like to have with a man - permanent or casual.

Apple faces new problem with the new iPhone X

At the end of last year, there was a problem with the battery of old Apple models that led the company to replace them for a low price, but now the issue that has emerged seems to be more serious.

This is the most popular hour for sex

If you thought the perfect time to have sex is... at night a new survey comes to change what you knew, until now. A British pharmaceutical company surveyed 2.000 people and showed that our favorite time for sex is Sunday morning, namely…

The right exercise for your blood type

The truth is that you cannot easily find the type of exercise that suits you the best. And if you start doing some type of exercise that you do not like, it is almost certain that you will give it up.