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Fava bean festival on the island of Schinoussa.

The 7th Fava bean festival of island of Schinoussa will begin on Friday, to celebrate the island's signature agricultural crop, which is also its main farming product. As the president of the association of Schinoussa Nikos Nomikos said to…

Refugee Food Festival

To mark #WorldRefugeeDay, the Refugee Food Festival comes back to Athens from 19 to 24 June 2018, while a special Refugee Food Festival event will be also held at Nan restaurant on Lesvos island.

Italy’s Greek gastronomy day Domenica Greca a success

More than 30 Greek restaurants participated in Italy's 'Domenica Greca' or "Greek Sunday" - a day dedicated to Greek cuisine that was organised by the Greek embassy in Rome and shown on the Italian state television channel RAI.

Newly set-up association to promote Greek rice abroad

The members of the newly set-up Association of Greek Rice Mills are determined to win the challenge of promoting high-quality Greek rice abroad, creating a strong brand name and operating as an umbrella both for producers and for business…