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German investments in Greece rise 3.5 bln euros

German investments in Greece rose by 3.5 billion euros last year and accounted for around 3 percent of the country's gross domestic product with an annual turnover of 7.7 billion euros, data from the Hellenic-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce published on Monday show.

Greece has until March 11 to implement prior actions, EWG says

Greece has until the Eurogroup meeting of eurozone finance ministers on March 11 to complete all of the pending prior actions it needs to secure the disbursement of 1-billion-euro from creditors, the Euro Working Group decided in Brussels…

Primary surplus fed by allowance cuts

The government failed to pay out the social solidarity income, hospital doctors and nurses’ extra shift payments, as well as other allowances, so that it will have the necessary liquidity to distribute the so-called social dividend and…

Euro currency remains a work in progress on 20th birthday

The euro is about to celebrate its 20th birthday, but the countries that use it are still wrestling with how the shared currency should work and how to fix flaws exposed by the debt crisis that marred its second decade.