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Tax inspectors set to focus on rich taxpayers and big firms

The tax administration is embarking on a series of inspections of wealthy taxpayers and major enterprises. It is primarily targeting cases going back over the last three to five years that are of greater tax collection interest due to the size of incomes to be probed and the increased likelihood of dues payment.

Cash that could have softened austerity

In the fall of 2013, an International Monetary Fund official stunned a number of Greek officials from state entities and ministries in central Athens by telling them that, according to his calculations, the general government must have had…

Athens faces strong reaction from creditors

The negotiations for the new borrowers’ protection framework voted into law on Friday were long and hard, with the Greek side thinking it had secured an agreement three times before being proven wrong.

Increases to taxes and contributions hurt incomes

The 2016 tax hikes and the method of calculating social security contributions according to the Katrougalos law that was introduced in the same year have changed the taxable income situation in the Greek economy, wiping out many incomes of…

2.2 bln euro projects on the fast track approval list

Ten large projects representing a total investment of 2.2 billion euros, which will create 10,000 jobs, are on the fast track approval list, as reported at the journalists meeting with Enterprise Greece executives.