“The Enigma of Keros”: A documentary about one of the greatest riddles of antiquity

For the first time in the world, ERT sheds light on one of the greatest enigmas of antiquity, with a high quality in-house production, which was shown at the 22nd Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival’s Official Program.

The scientific documentary “The Enigma of Keros”, ERT’s journalist Adriana Paraskevopoulou, a member of the excavation team during the period 2018-2019, recorded the excavation carried out on the island by the British School of Archeology and the University of Cambridge, under the direction of Lord Colin Renfrew and Dr. Michael Boyd, in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and its head, Dimitris Athansoulis.

Lord Colin Renfrew, one of the greatest prehistoric archaeologists of all time, has dedicated his multifaceted work to solving the enigma that has puzzled the global scientific community for decades: hundreds of fragments of broken Cycladic figurines have been found on this small and uninhabited island of the Cyclades, that cannot be joined together.

This mystery, which still remains unsolved, has been tried to be solved for many decades by Professor Renfriou, who reveals to ERT’s camera that Keros is the first marine sanctuary ever on the planet.

The documentary presents all the great finds and the intricate architectural design on the islet of Daskalio, which testifies to an evolved settlement of the Early Bronze Age, that could only be compared to that of Knossos in Crete during the same period.

In the 1950s, Keros starred in one of the largest smuggling cases in the world. Most of the stolen marble figurines of the Cycladic Civilization ended up in personal collections.

Decades later, a rich collection entitled “The Treasure of Keros” was put up on sale, and after many auctions, most of the antiquities in the collection were transferred to the Museum of Cycladic Art.

You can watch the documentary here.

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