Pyramidos: New Greek folk song performed by the Japanese boy band

Until recently we have known that Greece and its distinctive culture have everlasting outreach made of incorruptible metal. The Greek culture is the number one brand advertisement campaign for the country originating from the glorious feats of the early antiquity and projecting its appeal to the most remote places of the world until the present time.

Today nonetheless we are also reminded for once again that a subsection of the Greek culture, traditional folk music, also possesses indestructible qualities over time. The Japanese boy band ‘Pyramidos’ comes to remind us the hidden value of Greek folk music by creating a new live performance for its fans and disseminating to public via their YouTube channel.

The most recent performance of Pyramidos with respect to Greek folk music came last February when they rocked the internet with the renowned Greek song ‘Ta Kagkelia.’

Pyramidos Most Recent Performance

The Japanese boy band specialises in songs originating from a fusion of ethnic, folk and gypsy lullables. The most recent performance of a Greek folk song surely represents an unexpected choice by the Japanese boy band and is expected to surpass 200.000 views in the band’s YouTube channel in the coming days.

Dressed with their renowned blue and gold-stripped jackets, the band delivers another rocking performance of the renowned song ‘Mpikan ta Gidia sto Mantri.’

The Greek Observer Editorial Team has no further comments to make about this performance. Just enjoy the spectacle!!!

To find more information about the collection of Greek folk songs that Pyramidos has performed in the past please visit their YouTube and Facebook Profile Pages: YouTube Page and Facebook Profile


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