Captain Panagiotis Tsakos: The maritime world is governed by industrialists

Captain Panagiotis Tsakos, a renowned shipowner of the Greek maritime industry delivered a powerful speech last week before Greek and German shipowners at Piraeus Marine Club. Captain Tsakos statement came as a response to a previous comment that supported the existence of seamless cooperation between the two shipowner circles in international maritime affairs.

‘I will not object to the love and friendship we have established with our dear partners, German shipowners, who as you already know, do not pay any taxes or monthly bank instalments. They constantly purchase new ships and when their banks have been overexposed to debt they sell part of their fleets. In this occasion, we, the Greek shipowners, find the opportunity to acquire modernise our fleets. This is the genuine spirit of cooperation and friendship we have established in recent decades with our German counterparts. We, the Greek shipowners, express our gratitude for these opportunities they provide to us to acquire new vessels and modernise our fleets. I hope they also acknowledge and value our services.’

Industrialisation of Maritime Legislation

Captain Tsakos also made a follow-up criticism on the ways international maritime statutes are currently drafted. The Greek shipowner scolded the role of industrialists in the shipping world. In line with Captain Tsakos statements:

‘The major issue lies in which Greek government will do something better than what has already been done for Greek shipowners. The Greek shipping industry represents the 25% of global maritime fleet, exerts considerable influence in global maritime developments and is a key stakeholder in new legislations enacting from 2020 and refer to environmental protection regimes at sea.’

‘Despite these developments, and notwithstanding the prowess of our commercial fleets, other states enjoy greater maritime privileges than Greek shipowners. Meanwhile, we, the Greeks are called in to pay the price for new untested legislations and policies which do not serve the intended purposes. They were imposed by people, organisations and flags which promote industrial instead of maritime interests. The Greek shipping industry always pays the price in these unfair developments.’

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