WishTrip Event: Webinar on Israeli travel market not to be missed

An interesting web seminar (webinar) is expected to take place on Thursday 28 March 2019 at 11.30 Eastern European time (GMT+2 hours) in Jerusalem. The webinar is hosted by WishTrip, the renowned travel experience network. The webinar would be moderated by Mrs. Sarah Hein, Director of WishTrip and an American-Israeli expert on travel and tourism industry.

The webinar is entitled ‘How to Attract Israeli Tourists to your Destination.’ Israelis represents a highly-prized category of quality travellers. More than 4 million Israelis, roughly the 50% of the population travelled abroad during 2018. This percentage is expected to further increase in 2019.

Israeli Travellers in Greece

For Greece, Israeli tourists are important contributors to the domestic tourism industry. Approximately 430.000 Israeli travellers arrive in Greek destinations per annum. They value Greek culture and culinary experiences, travel in more than one destinations and are heavy spenders.

The webinar is addressed towards the broader public but more importantly tourism professionals who wish to delve deeper into the Israeli market segment of the travel industry. The webinar will shed greater light on tourism decision-making by Israeli travellers, overview their preferences, and provide free promotion tools to enlarge existing customer base.

The webinar is free to attend but requires registration. Additional detail about the webinar and a registration form is found in the following website: WishTrip Event

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