Greek taxpayers paid 8.328 billion euros in taxes in 2018

A total of 8,907,722 Greek taxpayers paid 8.328 billion euros in taxes in 2018 on declared income of 73.612 billion euros, official figures showed on Thursday.

The figures, released by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), showed that from the total declared income of 73.612 billion euros, 60.403 billion euros were income from wage earners, 6.192 billion income from real estate assets, 2.184 billion euros income from dividends, interest, rights and capital transfer value, 3.443 billion euros income from business activity and 1.388 billion euros income from agricultural activities. Tax reductions totaled 9.874 billion euros, of which 9.830 billion were reductions of tax-exempt income. Revenue from a special solidarity contribution was 616.856 million euros in 2018, revenue from a special duty on professionals was 386.271 million euros and revenue from a luxury tax was 62.233 million euros.

Total declared income in 2018 was smaller compared with 2017 (74.6 billion euros) and with 2016 (75.15 billion euros).

The figures showed that six out of 10 Greek families declared annual income of less than 10,000 euros in 2017 (3,964,567 family taxpayers), while more than 1.0 million taxpayers said they offered hospitality to a friend or relative. A total of 644,790 taxpayers declared zero income, while the number of taxpayers with incomes of more than 100,000 euros was 19,869.

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