Greek President opens national and Balkan finals of World Robot Olympiad 2019

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Saturday declared the start of the final round in the Panhellenic and Balkan World Robot Olympiad 2019, organised by WRO Hellas, noting that it was the “end of an exciting journey of five months”.

In that time, he noted, both students and teachers had behave as a team in an exemplary way, working together with the ultimate goals of ensuring, through robotics, the best and most beneficial use of modern technology for human beings.

Pavlopoulos spoke about people’s often contradictory relationship to technology, which was a mix of justified pride in humanity’s achievements but also of fear and awe toward its creations. While technology was one of the “noblest” achievements of the mind, which improved people’s lives, it also had a dark side and its side effects were often linked to the way that people sought to engage with it, either overestimating its results or underestimating the degree to which they became involved in their daily lives.

One example of this, he said, was reckless use of the internet and a tendency to replace knowledge with collecting data, while another was so-called ‘technological redundancy’ where people’s jobs became ever more precarious as machines became more proficient, leaving many people insecure and marginalised.

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