Syntagma Square raided again, this time for shooting a new Hollywood movie

Violent clashes have been recorded to Syntagma Square in downtown Athens on Sunday and Monday. The protesters moved aggressively towards the garrisoned police forces with an exchange of petrol bombs, tear gas and broken pieces of marbles being exchanged among the warring parties. The Syntagma Square had been isolated with iron fences by police forces.

Even though such imagery is common of the Greek capital especially during the heavy recession years, the Sunday’s and Monday’s clashes were part of a shooting for a new Hollywood production. The film directed by Italian director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, and supported by director Luca Guadagnino as well as the Greek cinematographer Faliro House Productions. The film, entitled Born to Be Murdered, is a story taking place in Greece where an American national on vacations in the country is suddenly found accused of participating in a suspicious ring perpetrating different types of high-profile crimes in Greece. The movie’s protagonist is John David Washington, the son of renowned Hollywood star Denzel Washington. The movie is expected to be projected on cinemas by 2020.

The shootings took place on Sunday from early morning until 18.00 and resumed on Monday. Photo reporters were welcomed to attend the film’s shootings even though they were not allowed to take any pictures. The Greek public greeted with pleasure the shootings for the Hollywood movie and several bystanders that happened to cross Athens central square in the past two days received an unforgettable Hollywood experience.

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