Tourism delegations discuss joint action plans within Berlin 2019 ITB Exhibition

A semi-formal trilateral meeting took place in Berlin ITB 2019 Exhibition. The Tourism Ministers of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus Deputy Minister met within the fringes of the exhibition to discuss latest developments in the global tourism industry. Mrs. Elena Kountoura, Mrs. Rania Al Mashat, and Mr. Savvas Perdios found the opportunity on the sidelines of the Berlin international travel conference to coordinate their action plans for attracting more passenger traffic in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea’s resorts.

The three ministerial delegations discussed issues of security, sustainable growth and environmental safety. They also pondered on the disruptive impact of Brexit to the volume of passenger flows in the region. The British market represents a significant portion of the international tourism market and travel rights of British people tops the agenda of most ministerial meetings in the industry.

Upon the successful conclusion of the semi-formal meeting, the three delegations found an excuse to leave temporarily the exhibition’s premises and attend a reception organised by the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin to honour its participation in the ITB 2019 Exhibition.

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