Greece’s future is being undermined, Mitsotakis says

“Today’s younger generation is the first generation after World War II who do not hope to live better than their parents … in a country that no longer offers opportunities,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday in parliament.

He also said that: “Our population is getting older: In 1950, the average age in Greece’s population of 7.6 million was 30 years old. Today it has been risen to 43 years. And although today our 65-year-old fellow citizens represent 21 pct of the population, they will reach 33 percent in 2050. This double bomb – both fewer and older Greeks – is threatening the future, but also challenging the present.”

“The future of the nation and the country is being undermined. Because without human resources, neither the sovereignty nor the development of a state can be supported. And without growth – in other words jobs, income and contributions – there are no wages and pensions, nor health and welfare. But neither is there any national security,” he added.

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