Venezuelan President Maduro proposed early parliamentary elections

In an unexpected turn of events, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro attempted to terminate political turmoil on the country, offering on Saturday to hold early parliamentary elections the soonest possible.  The proposal came at a time when thousands of protesters rallied in favour of the self-declared President Juan Guaido. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan Armed Forces have until recently, staunchly supported President Maduro’s rule in the country. However on Saturday, an Airforce General publicly declared his defection from the Venezuelan President’s allegiance and called his peers to follow suit.

President Maduro made the early election proposal during a pro-government rally on Saturday in the capital of Caracas. The rally coincided with commemorations for the 20th anniversary since Maduro’s Predecessor, Hugo Chavez, assumed Venezuela’s Presidency. The parliamentary elections were originally scheduled to be held in 2020 but after President Maduro’s proposal, the Constituent Assembly will initiate processes for early elections. President Maduro closed his speech claiming that there will never be a dictatorship in Venezuela again. Venezuela has succumbed to a number of operational issues including hyperinflation, mass migration and shortages on imported products. The situation have undeniably worsened as a result of the recent political turmoil and the tightening of international sanctions against the Venezuelan President and his affiliates.

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