Potami won’t become ‘sterile opposition’, Theodorakis says before party meeting on Prespes deal

Potami will not become a “sterile opposition” that says “no” to everything, the party’s leader Stavros Theodorakis commented on Thursday, upon arriving at a joint session of the Potami party’s Political Council and MPs, with the participation of MEPs Miltiadis Kyrkos and Giorgos Grammatikakis, to discuss and decide its stance during the vote on the Prespes Agreement.

“We did very well in Parliament, despite the injury attempted by the sudden, last-minute change of one vote. We are not with those that govern and make one mistake after another. We will not say no to everything, we will not become a sterile opposition…even in this fog we will try to find something that will help the country,” he said.

This did not necessarily mean something that helped the party, he added, “and here there is a big problem.”

The party’s meeting is likely to be split three ways, with Theodorakis and Giorgos Mavrotas supporting a vote for the agreement, Giorgos Amyras and Grigoris Psarianos wishing to vote against “due to its political exploitation by the SYRIZA government” and Spyros Lykoudis, who is collaborating with Potami, adopting a “wait-and-see” approach though positively disposed to the agreement in principle.

Theodorakis had a meeting with Psarianos, Amyras and Mavrotas before the meeting.

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