The government accuses ND of terrorising MPs not to vote for the Prespes Agreement

“The New Democracy (ND) mechanism, with full knowledge and guidance by its leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, attempts to terrorize the deputies,” the Prime Minister’s press office said on Saturday in a statement regarding the threats to MPs in order not to vote for the Prespes Agreement.

More specifically, “the disclosure of mass messages sent by Mr Avramakos, secretary of ND’s regional committee, to the party’s followers, with the numbers of the personal mobile phones of MPs, motivating them to practice violence and terrorism against them, in relation to their position and vote in the Parliament on the crucial national issue of the Prespes Agreement is not only an illegal act but also a further step in the undemocratic course that ND has chosen to follow.”

“The deputies will respond by raising their voice in order to defend Greece’s interests,” it said and added: “No attempt of violence and terrorism – as some mechanisms are used to make – is going to affect their conscience.”
“But ND and Mr Mitsotakis will have to account for the anti-democratic practice they are following,” it underlined.

“Besides it is obvious that their efforts have nothing to do with their view on the Prespes Agreement, but with their effort to destabilize the government, disregarding the destabilization of the country and political normality. Once again they will be proven wrong,” the government announcement concluded.

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