Fofi Gennimata: Progressive change or division and new crisis is the dilemma of the elections

“Progressive change or division and a new crisis will be the dilemma of the upcoming elections,” the leader of Movement for Change, Fofi Gennimata, said on Sunday in an interview.

She stressed that “the Movement for Change is listening to and expressing the social demand for change and dignity.”

“There are two ways for the Greek people,” she added, “the one proposed by SYRIZA and New Democracy – arrogance, polarization, division. […] It proved to be an impasse. On the other hand, it is the way we are proposing: that of national understanding over a progressive programme of Greek identity, of wider acceptance, that will enhance development and ensure social justice and cohesion.”

“I stand against the division, leading to new deadlocks. It is a life stand for me. It is the legacy of our party,” she stressed.

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