ND’s Kikilias on revision of constitution: Too little too late

“If the elections had been held earlier, as New Democracy asked, we would probably have avoided the overtaxation and the collapse of the Greek economy” main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow Defence Minister Vassilis Kikilias claimed in an interview on Sunday.

Asked to comment the revision of the Constitution, the ND deputy quoted Winston Churchill ‘too little too late’.

On the Prespes Agreement, Kikilias said “I pray against what, unfortunately, seems more and more possible. The willing to vote for the Agreement will be found in various ways”.

Asked on Europe’s future, he said that “Brussels’ bureaucracy and the allegedly progressive policies for “open borders’ with some politicians’ including Mr. Tsipras’ responsibility have led Europe into unprecedented crisis, the migration/refugee crisis, which shook the European building probably with more force than the economic crisis”.

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