Olga Gerovassili: Police reaction to Omonia attack will be investigated

Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovassili said on Tuesday that an investigation will take place into how police reacted to an attack at the Omonia police station on Monday and that steps will be taken to boost the feeling of safety among citizens.

Questioned on whether there are responsibilities for the attack, the minister said that “obviously when something happens, something is at fault. But to see it, not in a communications way but in an essential manner, you need to look at it in depth.”

“What we are fighting for and will continue to fight for and we will manage it, is to bring back the feeling of security to the citizens. You understand that small, bigger, harder and easier things happen. This can’t be handled with words. It can be handled with actions.”

Olga GerovassiliInvestigationOmonia Police Station
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