Thorbjorn Jagland: Greece respected human rights

“It is not fair that the weight of the refugee issue is lifted by a handful of countries. This situation must change, it has to change,” said Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland during his meeting with President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

The secretary general stressed that Greece respected, in action, human rights and proved this in the refugee issue, despite the austerity measures that have been affecting Greek society for some years now.

“You went through an austerity period, in which you felt the intensity and the pressure, that affected the whole of the Greek people, as there were rescue programs and political austerity was implemented. Despite these difficulties, Greece, on every occasion, showed the appropriate respect to human rights,” he said.

Pavlopoulos highlighted, once more, the important role played by the Council of Europe in today’s times, not only in Europe, but also in the rest of the world and stressed the role it has inn defending human rights.

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