Greek PM inaugurates US stand at Thessaloniki international fair

Greece is leaving behind the recession and austerity and can now look forward to unfolding the abilities of the economy, said Prime Minister Alexis Tripras at the inauguration of the US stand at the Thessaloniki international fair on Saturday.

“We can focus on the creation of new wealth, we can invest in areas we have a relative advantage in and invest with a plan, give time to the active strengths of the country to come forward, to the young people of our homeland, to the business community that dares to act,” said Tsipras.

Referring to the Thessaloniki trade fair and the presence of the US as the honoured country, the Greek premier said that this marks the large possibilities of Thessaloniki, Macedonia and northern Greece to boost the growth of the Balkans and the Greek economy.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the trade fair is an exceptional opportunity to broaden Greek-US ties in favour of Greece. The US presence at the trade fair is made up of 55 companies and this shows the commitment of America to boost ties between the two nations.

“The US companies are here and can really expand our ties on a commercial and business level, and also support Greece in its economic growth,” said Ross.

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