Prokopios Pavlopoulos: Only those respecting European values can aspire to lead EU institutions

All those aspiring to occupy leadership positions in European Union institutions will be judged on the basis of a code of European values after the EU elections, Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos said on Friday as he received Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

“Only true Europeans, those who respect these principles and values, can have such aspirations and until that time each of us will have to pass real tests,” Pavlopoulos underlined.

The two officials discussed the latest developments in the European Union and the problems that EU leaders will be called on to solve.

In detail, Pavlopoulos referred to:

Firstly, the EU’s economic policies, noting that the economic policy of Europe should support the welfare state and not cause inequalities, because all kinds of populism are based on poverty and widening inequality.

Secondly, he expressed support for a strengthening of the EU’s foreign and security pillar in order to enable Europe to play its global role, and

Third, he highlighted the issue of solidarity, stressing that this is an existential principle for the European Union directly linked to the refugee issue, calling some of our partners to understand that Europe has principles and values and that only those who respect them can really claim the title of European partner.

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