Exarchia: Police arrest 21, breaking up drug trafficking ring

Twenty-one members of a drug trafficking ring were arrested on Thursday at sweeps in the Exarchia section of Athens and the greater city area, police announced on Friday.

Those arrested included 13 Albanians, 4 Greeks, 2 Georgians, a Moldavian, and a Bulgarian, all aged between 19 and 37 years.

Eleven of those arrested comprised the core membership of the Exarchia-based gang. Several members had previous records or are serving time in jail, one of them with a life sentence for murder.

The organized crime division of the police stated that members of the gang were responsible for robberies, break-ins and car theft in Nea Ionia, Gyzi, Ilion and Exarchia. The police sweep involved searches of 25 homes, where they confiscated drugs, cars, and cell phones, among other things.

Police ArrestExarchia (Athens)Drug Trafficking Ring
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