Greek 2018 draft budget tabled in parliament

The 2018 draft budget was tabled in parliament by Alternate Finance Minister George Chouliarakis on Tuesday evening and is expected to be voted at the plenum on December 22.

The budget will be introduced to the parliamentary committee on economic affairs on November 23 for four debates and will then proceed to the plenum on December 18 for five sessions. The actual vote will be held at midnight on December 22, with a roll call vote.

Receiving the USB stick containing the budget by Chouliarakis, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis wished that the next budgets “will be better.”

Chouliarakis also submitted the State Report for the financial year 2016 and the Balance Sheet for the year 2016, a report on tax expenditures, a Directors report on the General Accounting Office, tax administration, customs and excise, public property and public benefits of the Ministry of Finance, as provided for in Article 58 of Law 4270/1414.

George ChouliarakisDraft Budget 2018
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