Sugar makes cancer cells multiply faster, as a new Belgian study revealed

Despite the fact that carcinogenic dietary factors are few, new studies show that diet is linked to the possibility of occurring cancer to a significant extent.

It is widely believed that eating habits may be related to 30% of cancers in developed countries and possibly to 20% of cancers in developing countries.

These data highlight diet in the second cause of cancer, which can be predicted (the first is smoking).

According to some studies, 60% of all cancers are due to a not proper diet.Especially in developed countries, the predominant dietary pattern with large amounts of meat, white flour and sugar increases the risk for several types of cancer.

A new study of Belgian scientists, which lasted nine years, confirms the contribution of sugar to the proliferation of cancer cells. Scientists studied yeast cells in the laboratory and found that the fermentation process, which resembles that of cancer cells, causes their proliferation.

Unlike non-cancer cells that use oxygen to convert glucose to energy for the body’s needs, cancer cells take their energy from sugar fermentation; a phenomenon known as the “Warburg effect.”

The Belgian study concluded that sugar stimulates cancer cells and causes them to spread more rapidly.

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