Alt. FM Katrougalos: Greece and US have common and multilateral interests

The strengthening of Greece’s geopolitical strategic position and confirmation that the country is a pillar of stability in a very turbulent area is the most important result of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visit to the White House, said Alternate Foreign Minister responsible for European Affairs George Katrougalos to Athens-Macedonian News Agency radio ‘Praktoreio 104,9FM’ on Tuesday.

Katrougalos said that such top-level meetings promote Greece’s international prestige “and the strengthening of the international prestige is very important because it promotes, almost automatically, Greece’s negotiation position.

“There are issues that interest the Americans, they want stability to prevail in the region, particularly now that there is a crisis in their relations with Turkey. On our part, we want to promote bilateral strategic relations and to have the USA’s steadfast support in the huge economic problems and especially on the debt issue. We must not forget that the US is the IMF’s major shareholder. Of course there are also other issues of bilateral interest,” he added.

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