She did not check out in time and the owner of the house threw her out of the stairs

An owner of house was outraged when the girl who rented his home through Airbnb did not check out in time and pushed her with her stuff from the stairs.

A strange feeling has caused a video released on the internet which records the shocking moment when an apartment owner in Amsterdam, which he rented through Airbnb, is pushing a woman from the stairs with violence, having as a result her injury.

The video was posted by Zanele Muholi, a South African photographer, in her Instagram account, explaining what she happened to her friend.

According to her, the owner was outraged because they were late to check out for a few minutes, although some local media claim that he had asked them to leave at 11 am and at 1 pm they were still there.

The video shows the man shouting “out, out” while also throwing Zanele’s suitcases and clothes out of the apartment and under the stairs.

At the same time two girls are heard asking him not to touch their stuff. Somewhere there, while he continues to shout “out” in Dutch, the man seems to be pushing one of the women from the stairs. Immediately afterwards, he says “fuck” again in Dutch, while the others are crying terribly after what happened.

In the shots the woman seems to be knocking with her head and face against the wall, ending on the floor where she stays for a while without moving. The woman who fell down the stairs is called Siba Nkumbi and she also comes from South Africa, like Zanele.

Zanele argues that the incident had a racist motive. “My friend was taken to the hospital. She has internal injuries and bruises. I’m so angry I could not even sleep. This is racism and is not justified… it is violence against black people, as you can see in the video.”

David King, director of Airbnb, reported on the incident that they were trying to identify the specific customers and that “such atrocious behavior is contrary to what Airbnb is advocating.”

According to reports, the woman’s injuries were fortunately not serious and later she left from the hospital while the man was arrested.

See the video below, which has gathered more than 44.000 views.

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