We will defend the European social acquis, says Alt.FM Katrougalos

Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos briefed on Wednesday the members of the special committee for Foreign Affairs noting that Greece will insist on the need to protect the European social acquis.

“We can’t speak of the European acquis disregarding what is happening in Greece. We can’t speak of the social dimension and the European social model when the IMF does not want the collective negotiations in Greece, which is something that constitutes the core of the European social model” said Katrougalos and briefed the members of the committee that Greece has set an amendment, which will be adopted on Saturday, that refers to the need for the absolute protection of the European social acquis, the labour and the issues of collective negotiations.

“I am optimistic over Europe’s future for the simple reason that the current status quo is not defensible”, concluded Katrougalos.

George Katrougalos
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