The government and the institutions are very close to an agreement, Alternate FM Katrougalos says

The government and the institutions are very close to an agreement, Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos on Wednesday said in an interview with the Athens Macedonian News Agency’s radio station Praktoreio 104.9 FM. Katrougalos who is currently in Brussels stated that “The fact that the institutions have remained in Athens means that we are close to an agreement,” he underlined adding that the climate is the same in Brussels.

As he explained, the agreement was reached at the February 20 Eurogroup when the Greek side said that it would proceed to a compromise without the irrational demands of the IMF to legislate 2 pct of GDP measures for the period after 2018.

“It was determined to have measures and offset measures and what we are looking now is how to find a balance between the Europeans and the IMF for the financial gap in 2018, as the Fund insists that the targets are not met […] however it seems that IMF is leaving behind the irrational demands of the past,” the minister estimated.

He said that the government’s work to achieve growth through austerity is a feat.

Moreover, Katrougalos stressed the importance of having an agreement as soon as possible for the country and its people.

On the Turkish stance and the constant provocations, he said: “The arrivals of migrants and refugees from Turkey have been reduced by half, however, Greece must be on alert and firm on its position that “we are not seeking anything, but we are ready to safeguard our rights.”

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