Historic Shipwrecks become ‘Underwater Museums’

Historic Shipwrecks become ‘Underwater Museums’

The creation of “underwater museums”, where visitors can dive in, to visit one of the most mysterious chapters in History, will soon become a reality in Greece. The first underwater museum to open its doors next summer, is that of Peristera in Northern Sporades, which constitutes a true archaeological wonder that has been dubbed the “Parthenon of Shipwrecks”. It is a rare gathering of amphorae that carried wine, oil or salted fish.

A total of three sites can be visited: A group of eight shipwrecks in the Pagasitic Gulf and the Alonissos region, a second of seven shipwrecks between Lavrion and Macronisos, and a third in Methoni, Messinia, one of which is located in the historically charged area of ​​the Battle of Navarino.

The Peristera Underwater Museum is about to open its gates in the summer of 2020. Until then, one can visit the Alonissos Information Center, for a virtual tour or a simulated diving experience, thanks to the use of cutting-edge digital technologies.














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