Greece 2021 : 200 years after the Revolution

Greece 2021 : 200 years after the Revolution

2021, is a symbolic year for all Greek women and men, as 200 years of freedom and independence of the Greek State are completed.

The “Greece 2021” Committee, which has been assigned the role of coordinator of actions and events for the 200 years after the Revolution, called on Greek society and Greeks everywhere to submit proposals for actions and events, so that we can all participate in shaping the anniversary program.

Local and regional authorities , institutions, associations, foundations and active citizens submitted a total of 1827 proposals for actions that extend throughout the anniversary year. Among them 386 proposals from Municipalities and Regions in every corner of Greece, but also 319 proposals from the Greek Diaspora and the official Greek Authorities Abroad in 46 countries, on all continents.

These proposals concern events that highlight the Greek Revolution as a leading historical event of its time with an international dimension, the course of 200 years of the modern Greek State and the great personalities who marked this path.

At the same time, in order to further highlight the messages and the symbolism of the anniversary year, the Commission has proceeded and will continue to proceed with a number of collaborations, such as, for example, with the Hellenic Post, which will proceed with the issuance of stamps and philatelic products, but also with the Higher Education Institutions of the country for research, competitions and events that will highlight the special historical significance of the anniversary of the 200 years after the Revolution.

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