Government’s measures to support labor force

Government’s measures to support labor force

The government is ready to legislate a program to stimulate employment with funds amounting to one and a half billion euros, announced the Finance ministry.

The program will focus on boosting the income of employees who will be employed part-time over the next period.

For example, an employee who is asked to work for four hours a day for 500 euros, instead of 8 hours with a salary of 1000 euros, will receive part or all of the 500 euros from the state.

The promotion of the subsidy program presupposes that the 100 billion euros European SURE program will be implemented, from which Greece will draw 1.5 billion euros.

Also, the right to submit a loan application for working capital, with an interest rate fully subsidized by the Hellenic Development Bank, is immediately activated for companies that have suspended or restricted their operations. The main criterion for receiving the subsidy is the maintenance of job posts.

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