Fashion meets cinema at Technopolis

Fashion meets cinema at Technopolis

Following its successful premiere last year at Megaron, the Athens Fashion Film (Athensfff) Festival returns with its 2nd edition, on February 14-16, at  the Technopolis newly renovated amphitheater.

It is a cultural meeting for cinematographers, fashion designers, creative directors, visual artists, advertising agencies, production companies, brands, fashion companies, fashion-model agencies, actors, scriptwriters, journalists, VIPs, celebrities, bloggers, independent, producers, TV channels, schools of art / fashion / audio-visual  studies, art curators, artists, collectors, NGO (ethical- sustainable fashion), fashion and cinema enthusiasts. Athensfff is in collaboration with the network of 40 Fashion Film Festivals worldwide.

This year’s program titled, “When Ethics Meet Aesthetics,” features 80 short films and documentaries in the competition section, homages, thematic panels and masterclasses, with the aim of providing the Greek and international public with a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and ideas that dominate cinema, fashion, art and the environment. At the same time, AthensFFF aspires to gradually become the ideal, dynamic space for new or already established designers, artists and filmmakers to meet the entrepreneurial world.

The festival opens with Luca Guadagnino’s fascinating new film, “The Staggering Girl”. In his new film, the popular Italian director directs on behalf of Valentino, and it features stars such as Julianne Moore, Kyle MacLachlan and the cast of the films “Call My By Your Name” and “Suspiria”.

For more information about the festival’s program, please visit its official website.


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