Photographer Robert McCabe made an honorary Greek citizen

Photographer Robert McCabe made an honorary Greek citizen

“Now the language of Ulysses is my language. And the beautiful Aegean Sea, with its magnificent islands and its unique history, is now my sea”, said the veteran American photographer Robert McCabe, who was granted an Greek citizenship, at the Greek Consulate in Boston, USA.

This honor constitutes an act of recognition by the Greek State toward a great philhellene whose work serves as a cultural record for Greece. Through his photographs he has brilliantly captured the unique people, landscapes and landmarks of a recent past that has vanished irretrievably.

McCabe first visited Greece in the summer of 1954 as a student at Princeton University where, almost prophetically, he later wrote his thesis on Lord Byron’s love for Greece. Thus began both his photographic journey and his lifelong relationship with our country, now in its seventh decade.

During his extensive travels to inaccessible places in the Aegean islands as well as in  urban areas on the country’s inland, he immortalized people with his keen and sensitive gaze, transforming the traditions, landscapes, monuments, and architecture of the time, into works of art of a particular aesthetic beauty.

These hundreds of photographs have traveled all over the world via his books: “Greece: The Years of Innocence [1954-1965]” and “On the Road to Greece”, as well as via dozens of exhibitions inside and outside Greece, promoting Greek beauty and its post-war identity.

In addition to his photographic work, McCabe has repeatedly shown his love for Greece, through donations to institutions such as the Princeton Center for Greek Studies, the American College of Athens, the American School of Classical Studies and the Gennadius Library, while he has also contributed to the strengthening of Greek-American educational and cultural relations and Greece’s positive promotion.

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