The upcoming European elections may be the most crucial ones for the future of Europe

The next European elections may well be the most crucial so far for the future of Europe, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras suggested on Monday while receiving Frans Timmermans, the European Socialists’ lead candidate for the presidency of the European Commission.

The prime minister wished him good luck and stressed that “the rise of the far right creates difficulties for our common future,” referring to the rhetoric of nationalism and racism used by the extreme forces.

“We have to prove that these forces, which present themselves as anti-systemic, are actually more systemic than the systemic ones,” said Tsipras. However, he underlined that the first step is to make Europe aware of the problem so as to prioritise the creation of a front against the rhetoric of nationalism and racism.

The prime minister pointed out that the neoliberal policies followed are the reason why the extreme forces in Europe are growing and a prerequisite for dealing with them is a broad progressive front. “Progressive forces in Europe must work together to create a front against the far right,” he said, and noted that there should be a positive response to the cooperation of socialist and left-wing forces in Europe.

The prime minister also referred to the important and productive contribution made by Greece’s European partners to the Prespes Agreement. “It was an important and progressive step,”  Tsipras said, emphasising that the deal demonstrated the political difference between progress and conservatism.

“It was a very difficult step for us, but with your support we took it. With Zoran (Zaev) we have opened up ways of cooperation and friendship. I am proud that Zoran and I belong to the progressive European family,” he stated.
Timmermans expressed his content over the meeting with the Greek prime minister, noting the current climate in Europe was for an end to austerity, higher investment and a fairer tax system that includes large companies.

Source ANA-MPA
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