Hilton Hotel London: Final Preparations for 2019 London International Olive Oil Competitions

London hosts for once again in 2019 the renowned London International Olive Oil Competitions (London IOOC). Participants will compete in a series of challenges with respect to the quality, texture, packaging and overall presentation of olive oil brands at the heart of London. The event will take place from 11-13 April 2019, at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel London, Docklands Riverside.

International Olive Oil Competitions

The winners of the competitions will share three awards, one for Quality of Olive Oil, a second for Health Claims and a third for excellence in Design.

The Quality Award aims to raise awareness to oil producers and relevant stakeholders to improve the quality of their production. The venue will also become a space for disseminating best practices around the production of quality olive oil quantities and raising awareness on the nutritional benefits of olive oil. Finally it will also become an exhibition space where incoming guests will have first-hand experience from tasting different varieties of olive oil.

The Health Claims Award is focused exclusively on Extra Virgin Olive Oils and aims to shed greater light on their protective impact on our health. Contestants will compete on the quality of polyphenolic content of their olive oils. The overall contents will derive from chemical analyses of samples submitted to the competition’s committee before the enshrined date. The second part of the Health Claims Award will hold an olive-oil tasting event where renowned members of the organoleptic committee will pass judgment on the tested samples.

Finally, the Design Award will examine contestants on the basis of their packaging quality. Best labels will feature a number of tests including among others visual content, distinctive information clearly articulated on the oils’ etiquettes and aesthetic styles (e.g., bottles) and logos used.

To learn more about the competition, sign-up for participation or attendance please visit the following website: London IOOC

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