GreeksConnect: A new business directory for the Greek diaspora in London

GreeksConnect is the most recent initiative of the Greek diaspora in Britain. It seeks to establish an online business directory entailing Greek businesses and professionals across London and the whole of Britain. It also aims to raise publicity about developments in Greece, the diaspora and elsewhere, foster new cooperation schemes among professionals and business entities while it hopes to bring members of the community together.

In its simplest form, the platform represents a highly useful tool for Greeks living in London. It is an online directory to be consulted for a series of professionals from private doctors to lawyers and technicians. The directory already includes more than 5.000 registered users who can refer to over 500 registered business entities and professionals.

The initiative was born out of the realisation that more than 38.000 business entities were established in London by Greek-speaking Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in recent years. These businesses coexist in parallel with the stable supply of new students arriving from Greece to enrich their education in British universities and young professionals seeking new employment opportunities in the British market.

GreeksConnect: A Lot More than Business Directory

Besides its business directory services, the GreeksConnect platform also aspires to become an online business hub of Greek-speaking professionals in London. To this end the website has become a news portal, recording recent developments in Greece, Britain and the diaspora. Further it has developed a Survival Guide to help incoming Greeks more seamlessly adapt to the British daily life and a City Guide incorporating all Greek and other important events across Britain.

The founding team behind GreeksConnect initiative has already initiated efforts to promote the Hellenic culture in Britain, supporting a number of Greek diaspora activities. The founding team, consisted of 20 Greek professionals, has already successfully sponsored in October 2018 the widely acclaimed exhibition ‘Immortalised by Art.’ The exhibition celebrated Archbishop Gregorios 90th birthday and 30th anniversary as Head of Ecumenical Patriarchate’s Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.

The platform eventually seeks to expand its scope of operations and incorporate other Greek diaspora communities across Europe, the U.S. and Australia. The main motto behind the GreeksConnect initiative is ‘Connect to get Connected.’

For more information about the platform, please click on the following YouTube link to watch a promo video: GreeksConnect Promo Video, or visit the website: GreeksConnect Website

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