Foreign Minister George Katrougalos: Greece has become an exporter of stability in the region

Greece has strengthened its position, not just as a stable democracy but as an exporter of stability in the region, in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean,” Foreign Minister George Katrougalos said.

Asked about contacts in Washington on the sidelines of the NATO summit, he said that he and North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov will jointly participate in think tank debates together.

“There will be a number of bilateral contacts at the NATO summit,” he noted “whose main aim will be to promote the gentle power our country has gained through its multifaceted diplomatic initiatives and trilateral [partnerships], in order to strengthen its position and to neutralise shows of strength by revisionist forces acting in our region.”

Katrougalos’ trip to the US will end with a meeting with Jane Holl Lute, the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for the Cyprus issue, in Washington on Friday.

“We remain committed to the need to finally have a solution to the Cyprus problem, based on UN decisions and international law. We are doing everything in this direction. On April 12, we have agreed with Turkey to have an exchange of views on the international dimension. I hope that if it is well prepared, the resumption of negotiations may have some results,” he said.

The interview with the Minister of Foreign Affairs took place on the sidelines of a dinner on Sunday night hosted by members of the SYRIZA Friendship Organisation in New York.

Source ANA-MPA
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