Citizens want steady steps in economy and society, Voutsis says

Parliament President Nikos Voutsis in an interview on Monday expressed his content that the current parliament took the historic decision to close a long-standing issue and open a new era in Greece’s relations with Skopje.

He estimated that the government’s stance on the issue will favour the SYRIZA party and its supporters.

Voutsis expressed his concern over Europe’s course but also over the “very dangerous” phenomenon of the right meeting neo-liberalism.

Focusing on Greek reality, he said the next European and general elections will boil down to a contest between two main views regarding the type of growth, the type of productive reconstruction and the type of social beliefs on the major issues of health, education and social security.

Voutsis underlined that a very large part of society wants more and ever steadier steps in the field of economy and society and these steps are well on track.

Source ANA-MPA
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