Karpathos and Kassos in “state of emergency” after torrential rains strike the islands

Heavy rainfalls that keep falling for hours on the islands of Kassos and Karpathos largely damaged the infrastructure in these two islands in the south Dodecanese.

The extreme rainfalls started on Thursday midnight and continued until Friday, March 29.

Tonnes of water came down mountains and hills, passed through the villages, brought roads into collapse and caused landslides. Rivers flooded and turned roads into lakes.

The torrential rains caused large landslides along the Spoa-Olympos road but also at Apola, one of the most famous beaches of Karpathos. Huge stones fell on the road and closed it to traffic for more than ten hours before local authorities could remove the rocks.

The rainfalls caused similar problems on the island of Kassos. Four of the islands rivers were flooded causing serious damages to the infrastructure network.

After requests by the local authorities, the regional governor declared ‘state of emergency’ for both islands. The Civil Protection is to allocate funds for the repair of the damages.

You can find videos of the disasters here, here, and here.

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