Kallithea: Twelve arrests for skirmishes with police

Twelve individuals, including four minors, were arrested on Monday for participating in clashes with police in Kallithea on Monday morning, when police barred the way of far right groups and stopped them reaching a rally in Kyprou Square.

According to police, all 12 belong to far right organisations and one, aged 24, was arrested six days ago in Salamina by officers of the Racist Violence Section and charged with a racist attack against a 30-year-old foreign national.

The 12 are to be charged with throwing petrol bombs, attacking police officers, inflicting bodily harm, disturbing the peace and other offences. They will be tried before a magistrate’s court for perpetrators caught in the act.

The incidents occurred at around 10:30 on Monday when police tried to prevent supporters of far right organisation from clashing with some 150 leftists from PAME, Antarsya and other groups gathered in Kyprou Square, while a group of 40-50 members of Golden Dawn were holding another gathering in Tzitzifies Square.

According to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), however, there was an “unprovoked attack” by riot police on leftist forces attempting to stop “the nazis of Golden Dawn from taking part in the celebration”, with police injuring several people in the anti-fascist camp in the process. Four people were injured and had to be taken to hospital, a party announcement said.

It also accused the police of “not touching” the far-rightists at the scene and said that a complaint will be lodged with Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili.

A similar charge was made by the Popular Unity (LAE) party led by Panagiotis Lafazanis, who accused authorities of “turning a blind eye” to Golden Dawn and of injuring two protestors in the head during an “unprovoked attack on the anti-fascist rally”.

“Responsibility for the incidents and injuries lies fully with the government, Kallithea Municipality and [police],” a LAE announcement said.

Source ANA-MPA
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