Properties up for lease in the Medieval City of Rhodes

Fourteen properties currently not in use in the Medieval City of Rhodes, an UNESCO world heritage site, will be leased through public tenders, the Archaeological Proceeds Fund (TAP) announced this week.

TAP said it would be moving into the first phase of the project for the exploitation of the Medieval city’s empty properties leasing homes for a 12-year period and shops for a six-year period with an additional six-year extension.

The relevant ministerial decision was signed this week by Culture Minister Myrsini Zorba and Alternate Culture Minister Kostas Stratis after the approval of the Central Archaeological Council.

“The program for the utilization of 14 vacant buildings belonging to TAP demonstrates the government’s will to revive the Medieval City community,” said Stratis.

Parties being awarded the relevant tenders will be required to comply to land use and building regulations as foreseen for the Medieval City of Rhodes.

Last year, a special event marking the 30-year anniversary since the Medieval City was inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site brought together experts, officials and island authorities to discuss ways to safeguard the site, which according to UNESCO is facing “increasing dangers due to the tourist development and the commercial overexploitation of the property”.

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