ND’s Vozemberg expresses concern over non-disbursement of 1.0-billion-euro tranche

“It is not good news. But we’d better be optimistic,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) MEP Eliza Vozemberg said on Tuesday in an interview regarding the non-disbursement of the roughly 1.0-billion-euro loan tranche to Greece.

The Euroworking Group did not approve the disbursement of the funds as the government and the institutions did not reach an agreement on the law for the protection of primary residence that will replace the Katselis law.

“A unilateral government decision on primary residence protection will not help. It is important to vote for the provision, but I believe that they will eventually come to an agreement. This is in the interest of our economy. The issue has already been delayed and this affects the economy,” she underlined.

Asked whether this affects Greece’s cash reserves, she replied: “It certainly affects cash reserves as it does not allow the disbursement of the funds from the bond profits while it generally sends a negative message to the markets.”

Source ANA-MPA
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