Kalamata: President Pavlopoulos dispatched new message to Turkey

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos visited the city of Kalamata on Saturday. From Kalamata, President Pavlopoulos sent resounding messages to Turkey stating that Greece is determined to protect its national sovereignty against all possible threats. Further, the President argued that Greece will not accept any provocations that would insult the Greek population, distort the country’s history or violate the fundamental treaties upon which the modern Greek state is built.

Presidential Messages to Turkey

President Pavlopoulos visited Kalamata on Saturday to attend the celebrations of 23rd March – the unofficial date when the Greek revolution of independence began back in 1821. Kalamata was the first Greek city to liberate from the Ottoman Empire forces. Within this context, the Greek President found an opportunity to mention that:

‘We clearly state to Turkey that we have the volition and the means to safeguard our national sovereignty and our borders, the territory and the Exclusive Economic Zone of Greece that are also the borders and Europe’s territory.’

President Pavlopoulos also underscored that:

‘The full and sincere respect to the European Law and acquis as well as to the international law in its total, including the law of the sea, is a fundamental condition for the good neighbourly relations between the two countries and furthermore for any positive development in Turkey’s European prospect.’

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