Eddi Reader live in Athens

Event Tag: Eddi Reader in Athens

Location: Gazarte Main Stage in Athens, Greece

Date: Friday 22 March 2019

Reason to Go: Attend a live folk and jazz performance delivered by a three Brit Awards Singer

The renowned Scottish singer and songwriter Eddi Reader visits Athens in March 2019 for a unique live performance at Gazarte space in Gazi, Athens. The central stage of Gazarte will be enriched will folk and jazz rhythms from a Scottish perspective. The singer, renowned for her lead role in Fairground Attraction band but more recently of her solo career, is very adept in swinging among different music styles and delivering a unique musical experience to guests.

Mrs. Reader has received three Brit Awards. She has made renowned tours with Annie Lennox, the Eurythmics and the punk representatives Gang of Four. In Athens, Mrs. Reader will perform her recent songs from the album Cavalier – an interesting blend between folk and jazz music under 21st century instrumentation. Below is a renowned song from Eddi Reader:

Overview of Gazarte and Gazi Area

Gazarte is among the leading creative spaces in Athens. It is a cultural hub distinguished for its contribution to the distinctive identity of the city. At night, Gazarte’s rooftop terrace and central stage transform into venues for live performances accompanied by a panoramic view of the sleepless city of Athens including the marvellous Parthenon. The surrounding area of Gazi is worth visiting for its endless provision of alternative entertainment options from street food varieties to interesting bars and mainstream clubs. Besides these options, visitors may attend local theatrical plays, and dine in prestigious restaurants that usually remain open until late at night.

To learn more about the Eddi Reader event and purchase tickets please click at the following website: Eddie Reader Event

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