Athens: Albanian Ambassador and Consul General removed from their posts

In an unforeseen move, the Albanian Ambassador in Greece Ardiana Hobdari was removed from her position on Wednesday. A similar fate also awaited the Albanian Consul-General in Ioannina, Pervin Gjikuria who was also dismissed by the Albanian government.

Loss of Albanian Passports and ID Cards

The decision for both dismissals appears to have been taken by the Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj on Tuesday. Both diplomats appear to be involved in a series of scandals.

Of these scandals, the greatest have been the unexpected loss of 100 Albanian passports and ID cards of Albanian nationals in the centre of Athens. The loss was recorded in mid-January 2019 when the Consul-General’s car, parked in Thiseio while transporting the documents, was vandalised. The offenders most possibly took over the missing state documents.

Expensive Tastes

Besides these allegations, the Albanian Ambassador in Athens has also been heavily criticised for her expensive tastes. According to unsubstantiated media reports, the Ambassador has been removed from her position upon leasing an expensive mansion in Athens and spending a considerable fee for the modernisation of the Embassy’s premises in the Greek capital.

Broader Agenda of Issues

The withdrawal of two diplomats coincides with a period of time where Albania appears to be enmeshed into a deep political crisis. The crisis stems from longstanding feuds between the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama with leaders of the opposition parties. It was only some week ago when Tirana was dwindled from the mass rallies taking place, where protesters demanded the resignation of the Albanian Prime Minister.

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