Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili: Our policy has started to yield results

In less than four years and despite starting in “indisputable conditions of bankruptcy”, the government had succeeded in reversing the international image of Greece’s discredited economy and creating a new economic reality in the country, Citizen Protection Minister Olga Gerovasili said in an interview released on Sunday.

“Our policy has started to yield results in terms of growth and the citizens are seeing this more and more in their daily lives,” she said.

According to the minister, neoliberalism was using the far right to impose its own value system, encouraging nationalism, racism and violence as ‘normality’ against what was foreign and different, while she pointed to the recent massacre in New Zealand as an example of this process at work.

In Greece, she added, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis had similarly allied himself with far right forces in an effort to dominate his party, “which unfortunately set the tone for ND and cultivate insecurity”.

Replying to criticism of the government’s record on law and order, and responding to suggestions that security issues were its ‘Achilles’ heel’, the minister said the statistics told another story. According to Gerovasili, the average rate of homicides in the last four years had fallen by 43 pct in comparison to the previous four-year period, when ND and PASOK were in power, while robberies were reduced by 17 pct and burglaries\thefts by 9 pct.

She also noted that, for the first time, the Greek police was acquiring an organisational structure to provide a coordinated response to incidents of domestic violence.

Source ANA-MPA
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