Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras: Bolivian Left an inspiring success story

“It is my great joy and sincere emotion to welcome the president of the multinational state of Bolivia, Evo Morales, to our country, I want to thank him,” said prime minister Alexis Tsipras, underlining that Morales’ visits to Europe are far and few between.

Many were “waiting for this visit with great interest,” Tsipras said at Morales’ reception at the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation, “a visit that comes at a critical time in global politics and the geopolitical chess-board.”

The Greek prime minister termed this time as one “marked by the global economic crisis, the exasperation of geopolitical conflicts, the destabilization of entire regions from warfare, terrorist threats and major natural disasters as a consequence of climate change.” But, he added,”this is also a time marked by the renewal of many peoples’ hope in the world to overcome these multifaceted crises.”

“Evo Morales continues, from his position of governmental responsibility, to realise true social change and popular, national sovereignty,” noted Tsipras.

“Latin America, which is where Evo Morales comes from, despite the challenges and difficulties, has always been and still is a great workshop of these changes and transformations. This is why, since the beginnings of the so-called Bolivian ‘process of change’, we are watching and following this particular undertaking with great interest and strong feelings of solidarity,” Tsipras expanded.

He continued, “Thirteen years after his election to the country’s steering wheel and despite the unprecedented problems he faced, Evo Morales continues, in full governmental responsibility, to struggle for social change, popular and national sovereignty and independence, as well as the struggle for the protection of the natural environment.”
The prime minister underlined that “the struggle for social justice, democracy, egality, and dignity, is fought from within the heart – with the heart, with the soul, with these very ideas” pursued by Morales.

“Over the last thirteen years, the Left in Bolivia led an economic miracle that prompted even the most hardline IMF executives – whom we too know here in Greece – to admit that Bolivia is a clear-cut success story,” Tsipras concluded.

Evo Morales: We did the impossible, getting elected despite the predictions

Bolivia needed 500 years before its people decided to take their fate in their own hands, visiting Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Thursday evening.

Speaking at an event in his honour at the Niarchos Foundation, Morales hailed “his brother (Prime Minister) Alexis Tsipras” and said that his government “created a parliament in order to build a country supported by society, by the economy.”

Morales said that “there were three politicians that damaged the country in the worst way,” adding that all three had studied in the United States and Europe, and divided society in order to rule. “They stole our public assets,” he noted, while “farmers led a revolt, a democratic revolution.”

The Bolivian president said he is committed to a parliamentary democracy for his country, and pointed out that initially “my opponents said I would not be elected,” seeing their predictions come out wrong a year later.

Thanking Tsipras and his audience, Morales added that Tsipras could have been speaking about Bolivia in what he said, especially in relation to the popular movements of Bolivia.

Source ANA-MPA
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